MSI to Support G.SKILL OC World Cup Live Qualifier Event with Re-Modeled GTX 750Ti GAMING 2G VGA Cards

MSI, leader in Graphics Card Technology, is pleased to announce this re-modeled GTX 750Ti GAMING 2G made for OC. After launch, MSI’s GTX 750Ti GAMING 2G quickly became very popular on the market, winning numerous awards, and proving itself as a leader in performance, power consumption, temperature, and noise benchmarks. Now, MSI is ready to take things to the extreme, with a new model engineered for participation in G.SKILL OC World Cup 2014!

With an updated power layout, a 6-pin PCI Express power connector, the new MSI GTX 750Ti GAMING 2G allows you to juice it up. But this is not the only thing that has been changed. Exclusive use of Samsung GDDR5 memory and a specially optimized Extreme OC BIOS will make this little rocket go to unprecedented heights.

The G.SKILL OC world Cup live qualifier contest will be held during Computex 2014. Six of the world’s top extreme overclockers will compete for 4 different benchmark challenges aiming for the ultimate 10K USD cash prize. The Remodeled MSI GTX 750Ti GAMING 2G is the MUST-USE VGA card solution for the Catzilla 720P stage, and also is allowed to be used for 3 other stages, including Superpi 32M 5G, Aquamark3, and Memory Clock.

“Many thanks to MSI’s generous support on providing these re-modeled GTX 750Ti GAMING 2G VGA cards that are optimized for extreme overclocking. It will allow the contestants to display their finest skill on tweaking the VGA and push overclocking performance to its absolute boundaries!” commented Frank Hung, Product Marketing at G.SKILL.

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