Joa3d43 from Canada sets new top score in Catzilla 2xGPU using water cooling only

It's not so common for a world record to be broken using water cooling, but Joa3d43 from Canada managed to do it. Admittedly, Catzilla is the perfect benchmark for this as it's very tweakable (even more so than 3DMark05!). So powered by a Core i7 4960X at 4.8GHz and two GeForce GTX 780 Ti cards at 1467/2050, the Canuck outscored Pro OC 8 Pack by 317 points. Note that 8 Pack is running everything cooled by liquid nitrogen.

Catzilla is a tweakable benchmark, so it takes some time to study its behavior. Do your homework and you might end up being the next Joa3d43. Congratulations and good luck to all contenders!

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