Hammer Time! Moonman Sets New 1xGPU Heaven DX11 Record With Radeon R9 290X At 1540/1800 MHz

Although AMD's latest Radeon R9 290X is an interesting card to bench and overclock, it seems the bitcoin frenzy is affecting the amount of overclockers putting this card through its paces. In addition, the cards seem quite flaky under cold which make them difficult to handle. Nevertheless, the top of the crop is benching these cards hard and with AMDs Tessellation "optimization" features, Heaven DX11 is the primary choice for many overclockers.

Especially Moonman and Pro OC Phil have been going at it lately, topping each other record twice now. Just this morning -Taipei time- Moonman hammered (pun intended) Phil's record and is now the first to achieve over 5500 points with a single GPU graphics card. Awesome! We look forward to Phil's response to this great score!

For those who enjoy a bit of background information, we have included a list of the last 10 Unigine Heaven DX11 1xGPU records.

Heaven DX11 1xGPU Records

2014-04-14Moonman5504.903Radeon R9 290X1540/1800 MHz
2014-04-11phil5444.085Radeon R9 290X1530/1825 MHz
2014-04-04Moonman5336.430Radeon R9 290X1440/1800 MHz
2014-03-19phil5215.048Radeon R9 290X1460/1800 MHz
2014-03-17Wizerty5064.615Radeon R9 290X1370/1775 MHz
2014-02-10Xtreme Addict5051.811Radeon R9 290X1367/1812 MHz
2014-01-25sofos19905008.652Radeon R9 290X1330/1775 MHz
2013-12-07sofos19904848.873Radeon R9 290X1310/1700 MHz
2013-11-01T0lsty4820.421GeForce GTX Titan1700/1900 MHz
2013-10-19Rbuass4697.821GeForce GTX Titan1700/1930 MHz

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