Dancop Takes Down The K|ng, Grabs Gold in Fire Strike Extreme 1xGPU with GTX 780 Ti at 1920/1900 MHz

The reign of K|ngp|n in the latest 3D benchmarks seems to be coming to an end. Not only did we see 8Pack take down several records over the past couple of weeks, today we find Dancop from Germany, with the help of Xtreme_addict during the Bench for Peace event, doing the exact same thing. Traditionally The Boss has always taken most pride in the single GPU record of the latest Futuremark 3DMark benchmark, and it has been no different with this generation of graphics cards. He has been at the top for so long now, it's difficult to remember who was the last person to beat him.

But that doesn't matter anymore at this point. Dancop broke the record! Admittedly, he did so with K|ngp|n's brainchild - the GTX 780 Ti Classified KPE. So we could say K|ngp|n still has a partial hand in the #1 score. The clocks are staggering: 1920/1900 MHz on the GPU and 6020MHz on the CPU. Note that the CPU frequency is about 1GHz higher than K|ngp|n's.

Nevertheless, the result is an excellent achievement. Well done!

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