Xyala Blog: "Preaching for Performance Tuning" (about his work at HWBOT)

Xyala joined the HWBOT staff last December to help out with the project. His experience in marketing and connections in the IT industry have proven to be of incredible value to the organization and we really appreciate all the work he's done so far. It seems to be a mutual feeling according to his latest blog post. Check out Xyala.net to read Timothée's thoughts on 3 months at HWBOT!

Read the blog post: click

"Since I joined HWBOT.org in December last year, a major part of my work is quite religious by its definition: evangelism. Yes, I’m a preacher! I preach for performance tuning and more precisely overclocking. Sure, it might not sound as serious as this is, no-one needs to repent its sins here, but beware – I keep a close watch on my folks!

HWBOT is pretty much the center of what happens these days in the competitive OC community. The site centralizes scores, and hosts the worlds most prestigious overclocking competitions such as the MOA by MSI, the Kingston HOT and we all hope … maybe another GOOC by Gigabyte one day.

The first thing that I noticed from day on was the shear size of the company. Basically the whole thing runs on two people (Fredrik the owner and lead coder and Pieter which runs the daily operations). And of course, nothing could be achieved without the tremendous work by all the community volunteers that help out on moderation, keep a watch on submissions and forums. This is an optimized ship! Nothing goes to waste and I like that. Efficiency to it’s roots.

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