[OCTV] Dancop & Xtreme_Addict Live This Weekend – Bench for Peace!

Dancop and Xtreme_Addict are planning something big this weekend. The duo will be livestreaming their Bench for Peace overclocking session this weekend at Overclocking-TV. The hardware line-up looks glamorous:

  • Seasonic PSUs
  • 4(!) Geforce GTX780Ti Kingpin Edition
  • Kingston HyperX SSDs and Memory kits.
  • ASUS Rampage IV Extreme / Maximus VI Extreme / Matrix R9 290X

There will be about 215L of liquid nitrogen and they main objective is 3-Way and 4-Way SLI in 3DMark11, 3DMark Fire Strike and 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme with the GTX 780 Ti KPE cards. Another set target is the Kronos Pro OC Heaven DX11 single GPU record by Phil, and of course 3DMark Vantage and 3DMark11 Performance

You can watch them live from Germany this Saturday (exact time TBD).


Belgium Massman says:

Good luck!

Denmark zzolio says:

the 215L ln2 will not last long
I use easily 150L on a weekend if I bench 780L and Z87

RamboOC says:

what time?

Poland Xtreme Addict says:

zzolio said: the 215L ln2 will not last long
I use easily 150L on a weekend if I bench 780L and Z87

Damm bro you need to start save ln2, trust me with this setup you don't have to use so much LN2 to max out results :)

it looks for me similar like benching nordic ocers vs HQ, nordic guys (where ln2 is expensive) use 20-30 litres to do similar result, HQ 500 litres :D

Australia SniperOZ says:

good luck boy, and have fun :)

Germany Dancop says:

Something wrong in the title...R4BE...and sadly no Matrix arrives!!! So...I bought a Lightning! ;)
Live stream should start at 1400 german time

Brazil Rbuass says:

You did not invite me :(

Germany Flav0r says:

rbuass said: You did not invite me :(
it is bench for peace!

Germany Dancop says:

Ronaldo...invitation follows...to be honest...it shall become a string. Next time you're in...bur Brazil is not really around the corner

Germany Hyperhorn says:

What about "Bench for peace"? :confused:

Germany Dancop says:

You'll see the something in the livestream...

Belgium Massman says:

As long as it's not naked sauna ...

United States Splave says:

sure its not bench for piece........of cake? XA I like you better fat bro ;)

Puerto Rico chispy says:

Daniel and Michal good luck my friends and overall have lots of fun ! I will be watching :)

Germany Dancop says:

Live from 1400 German time

Germany bastiw70 says:

How long do you bench? Working till 1500 so i could watch ja at 1600...

Germany Dancop says:

Break at 1530...should until 1730...filling up the cans...ln2 or beer, whatever you like :D Afterwards we'll go on until 2100

Germany bastiw70 says:

Im totally into if i ever get out of here :)

Poland d3mox says:

And where is livestream? :)

Malaysia coolice says:

cant wait to see naked sauna!

Germany bastiw70 says:

d3mox said: And where is livestream? :)
Twitch.tv ;)

Poland d3mox says:

Sure, but it's offline :)

Germany Dancop says:

Gpu died...then repaired through oven...then board löst one channel...definitely dead! Tomorrow on msi board

Germany bastiw70 says:

Uh...thats why youre break up...sorry about that...

Antarctica Trouffman says:

Too bad you had issue witht he board. funny tho that you managed to recover the Dead VGa with the special OVEN trick xD

Germany Dancop says:


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