Wizerty (France) Takes Control in HWBOT Overclockers League!

With three records, Wizerty from France made a very clear statement about the passion and dedication with which he takes the #1 position in the HWBOT Overclockers League. Less than a month after Vivi from South Africa took over from Sofos1990 in the League, the new king of the hill is now known. According to the historical timeline, Vivi's reign lasted 24 days. Considering how close the top-3 currently are, we can expect an intense struggle the next coming months. Since Mtech 280 day reign, no overclocker managed to keep the top seat for over 100 days.

As we mentioned already, Wizerty took the number one spot with three solid records:

Congratulations! Excellent achievement!


Belgium Massman says:

Very strong!

Germany der8auer says:

Well deserved :)

United States l0ud_sil3nc3 says:

Congrats Wiz:)

Greece OGS says:

Well done :)

websmile says:


France Wizerty says:

Thank you :), it will probably be the shortest reign ever, but a dream came true

Belgium Massman says:

Hipro5, Splave and Tapakah all have had a streak of 7 days. You'd be in good company :D

France Wizerty says:

Now time to look for something else.... Pro OC or hardware master... dont know yet

France marmott says:

Congrats, well done!

Bulgaria I.nfraR.ed says:

Very well deserved. Congrats!

TaPaKaH says:

Congratulations! :)

That didn't last long, already #2 :p

Indonesia Lucky_n00b says:

Well done and well deserved :)

Poland Xtreme Addict says:

Congrats :)

France Wizerty says:

Yep, I was feeling my fall would come really fast ( Gunslinger backup or 8pack backup), but finally I was wrong... it was fast, but massive bomb from teamAU. But no more LN2, and without good haswell it's impossible to fight more. I'm waiting for 780Ti + LN2 in 15 day, then battle will begin (again). meanwhile I must sell my 290x to pay nitrogen ... battle are expensive, manly when you have to buy 4 gpu

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