Catzilla v1.2 Released - Mostly Maintenance Work (+ Wizerty Sets New Record for 1440P)

The team over at Catzilla has let us (and everyone else) know that they released version 1.2 of their popular benchmark. The changelog includes mostly fixed or improved hardware detection, so the scores will be comparable with previous versions. You can download the benchmark from the official website HERE.


  • correct detection of the latest graphics cards and processors (NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Black, GeForce 840M, GeForce GTX 850M, GeForce GTX 860M, GeForce GTX 750/750 Ti,... )
  • improved reporting of GPU bus when disabled by NVIDIA Optimus
  • improved recognition of CHiL CHL8318/CHL8266 on GPU
  • fixed restoring of NVIDIA Optimus disabled GPUs state after start
  • fixed reporting of L1/L2 cache multipliers on some CPUs
  • fixed black screen on latest nvidia drivers
  • more games for "Check Game" option
  • fixed momentary freezing after test before showing result
  • improved registration

New Record for Wizerty!

If you feel confident enough, try giving the 1440P preset a spin and aim for Wizerty's (France) overall record. He managed a score of 29296 with 4x Radeon R9 290X at 1250/1650 MHz just before the weekend started. Nice one!

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