This Weekend Live OCTV OC Demo on LANETS in Montreal, Canada featuring Der8auer and Trouffman

During the upcoming weekend, Overclocking-TV will be hosting an overclocking demo booth at the Canadian LAN Party LANETS. Trouffman's special guest this year is Der8auer from Germany. The two of them will be benching a bunch of high-end hardware - too much to list here - and of course talk about the Intel® XTU benchmark. You will be able to follow everything live via the livestream feed.

The broadcast will officially start on Friday afternoon, 5PM (obscure) local (Montreal) time. On Saturday they will continue from 10AM until 10PM and on Sunday from 11AM until 5PM.

We will embed the Livestream on the HWBOT front page for those who want to follow the event. Have fun everyone!

More information:

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