8 Pack Takes Down K|ngp|n in Single GPU 3DMark Fire Strike!

A record or top score is always impressive. Especially if it's a 3D record in a popular benchmark. The popularity of 3DMark Fire Strike is slowly but steadily growing as more emphasis is put on the records. It's not quite like as popular as its predecessors, but it's getting there. Anyway, as I wrote, a record is always great to see, but some records are greater than others. If you can take down top overclockers, you have a great score. But if you can take down K|ngp|n on his home turf - the 3DMarks - well, then you have an awesome score!

It's been a while since we've seen anyone come close to the results K|ngp|n has been putting up over the past couple of months. In the early days of GTX Titan Rbuass was the last to really have The Boss pull out the big guns, but that has been quite a while again. But yesterday it happened again! 8 Pack from the UK managed to beat The Boss from Taiwan/USA in his own most favorite game: single GPU 3DMark Fire Strike. Agreed, it's not the extreme preset, but nonetheless: beating KP in 1xGPU makes you a damn good competitive benchmarker. FYI, 8 Pack is actually within 100 points of the #1 single GPU 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme as well.

We have to make note of the fact that K|ngp|n is only running his (single socket, -ehem-) Xeon E5 1660 V2 at 5 GHz though. With a score of 16770 he is only about 100 points behind 8 Pack anyway. So we might see a comeback at higher clocks soon. In terms of VGA clocks they are pretty much on par: 1900/2000 versus 1894/1900 MHz.

Looking forward to the battle, guys. Maybe the best man win!

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