New SuperPI 1M WR Goes To Hong Kong - Features ASRock Z77 OC Formula and 7136 MHz Core i7 3770K

SuperPI is one of those benchmarks the hardcore overclockers have a weak spot for. It's been around for so long now: people have been benchmarking (competitively) with the benchmark since before 2000. Achieving the record for SuperPI 1M has become a skill on its own. It requires a crazy clocking CPU, but of course also an optimized OS. It all comes down to those last couple of milliseconds after all.

The Russians held the previous record since October 2012 and for more than a year they held on to it. Today however, the record moves back East and for the first time since AndreYang in June 2012 the record is in the hands of an Asian overclocker again. Chi-Kui Lam set the new top score to 5.078 seconds, a mere 16ms faster than Smoke from Russia. For that he used a Core i7 3770K clocked at 7136 MHz and an ASRock Z77 OC Formula. A powerful combination indeed! The record did require almost 100 MHz more than Smoke's, so there might be a sub-5sec in this one!

Congratulations to the new record holders and looking forward to seeing that barrier shattered!

More information: submission page. Also check out the SuperPI 1M World Record history timeline here.

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