HyperX OC Takeover 2014 Grand Final Aftermovie (with brief interviews)

The HyperX team published their aftermovie of the HyperX OC Takeover finals in Las Vegas during CES 2014. Check out a nice overview of the competition plus a Q&A with the participants. To George: could you explain what the minimalistic approach is?

For more information on the HyperX OC Takeover Grand Final, check out the competition page here.


Belgium Massman says:

"It's been great - the whole hour I've been here has been awesome" HAHAHA :D

Still laughing about that, classic! :ws: :celebration:

South Africa Vivi says:

ye i lolled aswel, the whole hour has been great hahah

Poland Xtreme Addict says:

Video is really great :D George epic as always :D I am glad they cut some parts from my interview too lol

Poland d3mox says:

Hahahah, HyperX! I love you! - like pokemon :D

Puerto Rico chispy says:

Hahaha .... Awsome guys !

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