New EDO RAM Frequency Record - Ludek111 (Poland) Hits 140 MHz Memory Frequency

Although I have been around for almost 8 years at HWBOT, I am still surprised by some of the overclocking results the folks show. Of course, the overclocking achievements with liquid nitrogen are impressive. But you can find real gems of overclocking in every corner of the bot.

Take for instance Ludek111. He isn't the biggest name in overclocking, and focuses on different types of hardware than the top dogs. Four days ago, he submitted a new top score for frequency validation with EDO RAM. Back in the day, this memory type shipped at frequencies ranging from 40 MHz to 60 MHz, but Ludek pushed it to 140 MHz. Yup, doubling the frequency! It amazes me that technology this old can still be pushed to new heights.

When EDO RAM was still hot and fresh, there was no such thing like HWBOT or CPU-Z. So it is rather difficult to say if this is a real record frequency for EDO RAM. But it is the highest frequency here at HWBOT ánd Ludek managed to beat memory overclocking guru Christian Ney. So it is impressive either way. Awesome!

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