ENERMAX TwisterPressure - High-Performance Fan for Coolers & Radiators

Hamburg, 10th of February 2014. To cool a PC chassis efficiently you need a fan which achieves a high air flow rate at a low speed. In contrast, coolers and radiators require a fan with the highest possible static pressure in order to push the air through the fins. With the new Twister Pressure, Enermax presents a fan that is specially designed for heat sinks and radiators. Together with the high-speed model Twister Storm, which will be introduced in the second quarter 2014, Twister Pressure completes the fan portfolio of the premium manufacturer.

The Second Generation of the Patented Twister Bearing

"We have spent two years to create the new high-performance fans that are based on our patented Twister bearing", comments Benjamin Schäfer, Marketing/PR team leader of Enermax Europe. "Initially, we quickly achieved good results by applying a robust frame construction and performance-capable fan blades. But during the long-term tests, we recognized that we are reaching the limits of the Twister bearing if we run a fan with more than 3,000 RPM. Therefore, it was inevitable to optimize the Twister technology." The result is impressive: The second generation of the Twister bearing offers 160,000 hours MTBF lifetime - 60 per cent more than the original version.

Full press release: click.

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