Interview with Ronaldo "Rbuass" Buassali - Overclocking is more than a passion!

Corsair did an interview with their in-house overclocker Rbuass - Ronaldo amongst friends. Ronaldo has been an active and passionate overclocker for a long time and is growing an incredible fan base in Brazil. Check out the interview, it's a great read!

Q: "What OCer or OCers have influenced you the most?" - A: "No doubt Shamino was my main inspiration when I started to overclock hard. After I saw his crazy job under LN2 and volt moddings on VR Zone, I thought... I need to learn this kind of stuff! So, I never more stopped learning."

Q: "What advice would you give to a person that is wanting to get into extreme OCing for the first time?" - A: "Extreme Overclocking requires work and patience. I recommend looking up information on the platform you will use, and also about important things like insulation and maintenance. Start with CPU 2D overclocking, it is much simpler than the 3D, quite fun, and the best way to start this incredible art. With time and dedication your skills will improve and will show in the results and goals."

Link to the interview:

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