OCUKPro (8 Pack and Hivizman) New Leader in Pro OC !

With the start of a new Pro OC season (read more here), the points of last season will gradually disappear from the Pro OC standings. The points of the first round of last year's season have been removed, as the first round of the 2014 season kicks off tomorrow. In this new ranking, we see that the KPC Pro OC team has dropped from first place to third place and is overtaken by OCUKPro and United Overclockers. OCUKPro finished only 8th last seaon, but that is mainly due to only participating in two of the three rounds.

As this season's first round progresses, the Pro OC standings will automatically be adjusted according the new point totals. This is only a temporary ranking, though. We will know the Season 2 Champion at the end of this season!

View the ranking here.

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