22x Top-3 Last Weekend - Dancop (3) and Sofos1990 (2) Top WR Breakers

Only recently I switched to an easy MySQL query to track the latest records and I must say I am more than a bit overwhelmed by the amount of top scores. This weekend, again a bunch of records were broken. The two main figures were Dancop from Germany and Sofos1990 with each a couple overall records under the belt. The interesting bit about the records is that they are using two completely different systems. Where Dancop chose a combination of Core i7 4930K and GTX 780 Ti (the new K|ngp|n edition), Sofos1990 opted for a Core i7 4770K/3770K and the AMD Radeon R9 290X. The clocks on both cards are pretty good: 1800/1875 on the 780 Ti and 1330/1775 on the R9 290X.

In addition to the 3D records, Dancop also broke the Cinebench R15 record 8 Pack set earlier last week. The top score is now 1686 points with a Core i7 4930K clocked to 6270(!) MHz. Just so you can follow what's going on exactly, here's a complete overview of all top-3 overall scores since January 25. Beware, there are a lot!

Congratulations everyone!

Benchmark Participants Score Hardware User
1xGPU 3DMark11 - Performance 1000+ 23415 points GeForce GTX 780 Ti @ 1802/1851 MHz Australia Dancop
1xGPU 3DMark Vantage - Performance 1000+ 73311 points GeForce GTX 780 Ti @ 1802/1875 MHz Australia Dancop
1xGPU 3DMark03 1000+ 246302 points Radeon R9 290X @ 1360/1775 MHz Australia sofos1990
1xGPU Heaven DX11 1000+ 5008.65 points Radeon R9 290X @ 1330/1775 MHz Australia sofos1990
6xCPU Cinebench R11.5 340 18.98 points Core i7 4930K @ 6270 MHz Australia Dancop
4xCPU HWBOT Prime 312 7121.02 points Core i7 4770K @ 6400 MHz Australia Vivi
2xGPU 3DMark05 1000+ 69320 points GeForce GTX Titan @ MHz Australia dhenzjhen
6xCPU Cinebench R15 117 1686 points Core i7 4930K @ 6270 MHz Australia Dancop
8xCPU Cinebench R15 58 1410 points Xeon X5667 @ 4750 MHz Australia noliso
1xCPU Cinebench R15 47 130 points Sempron 145 @ 5110 MHz Australia I.nfraR.ed
8xCPU UCBench 2011 116 2250.90 points Xeon X5667 @ 4750 MHz Australia noliso
1xCPU Catzilla - 1440p 63 10885 points GeForce GTX 780 Ti @ 1380/1900 MHz Australia SirOli
1xCPU Processing Power 8 102.54 points Celeron LGA775 430 @ 3772 MHz Australia Morteza.p
6xCPU Processing Power 8 1414.25 points Core i7 4960X @ 4820 MHz Australia Nazar
8xCPU Processing Power 5 438.69 points FX-9590 @ MHz Australia bud_eric
3xCPU Processing Power 2 226.80 points Phenom II X3 740 3000 MHz Australia MrPaco
4xCPU WinRAR 114 14543 points Core i7 4770K 5800 MHz Australia md5
6xCPU Processing Power 8 1370.880 points \N 4833 MHz Australia NATA 58
8xCPU Processing Power 5 394.93 points FX-8320 5010 MHz Australia ultraex2005
6xCPU WinRAR 36 18861 points \N 4930 MHz Australia NATA 58
2xCPU Processing Power 16 329.36 points Phenom II X2 560 BE @ 6578 MHz Australia bud_eric
1xCPU Processing Power 8 94.95 points Celeron G440 @ 1714 MHz Australia minicoopers


Belgium Massman says:

Gold, so much goooold

United Kingdom HiVizMan says:

Certainly is a purple patch for scores at the moment. And I can promise you that there are more coming.

United Kingdom ObscureParadox says:

I should have at least 5-6 more on Thursday or Friday.

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