10 New Global Golds In Last Two Days

About two days ago I wrote the last news item about another global top score. In the past 48 hours (roughly speaking), ten new global golds have been achieved, going from the more obscure new benchmark Processing Power to the highly competitive Cinebench R15 and HWBOT Prime. Top record man is 8 Pack from the UK, with 3 records in the most competitive benchmarks today. Next to 8 Pack, we have SniperOZ taking command in the Catzilla 720P and 1440P benchmarks with an incredibly well-clocking GTX 780 Ti (2100+ memory!). Noliso from Germany also took an nice spot, beating 157 other overclockers in the Cinebench R11.5 8xCPU class. Nata 58, Schmuckley and MrPaco complete the list with top scores in the more obscure benchmark rankings.

Congratulations all!

Benchmark Participants Score Hardware User
6xCPU UCBench 2011 261 2670.70 points Core i7 4930K @ 6255 MHz Australia 8 Pack
8xCPU Cinebench R11.5 157 15.81 points 2x Xeon X5667 @ 4750 MHz Australia noliso
1xGPU Catzilla - 720p 125 30921 points GeForce GTX 780 Ti @ 1500/2150 MHz Australia SniperOZ
6xCPU Cinebench R15 115 1663 points Core i7 4930K @ 6186 MHz Australia 8 Pack
6xCPU HWBOT Prime 83 8375.74 points Core i7 4930K @ 6302 MHz Australia 8 Pack
1xGPU Catzilla - 1440p 64 12012 points GeForce GTX 780 Ti @ 1500/2100 MHz Australia SniperOZ
6xCPU Processing Power 7 1350.54 points Core i7 4930K @ 4850 MHz Australia NATA 58
5xCPU HWBOT Prime 6 3272.66 points Phenom II X4 960T BE @ 5475 MHz Australia Schmuckley
8xCPU Processing Power 4 384.61 points FX-8320 @ 4500 MHz Australia JimmyFox
3xCPU Processing Power 2 226.80 points Phenom II X3 740 @ 3000 MHz Australia MrPaco

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