TeamAU refresh the DX11 Heaven Unigine Global World Record

Ever since Haswell platform and AMD R9 290X GPUs came out DX11 Unigine was going to be one of the big 3D WR targets for the overclockers at HWBOT.ORG and TeamAU from Australia has been setting the pace helped with some nice overclocking from a few other countries including UK (8pack) and USA (steponz) using GIGABYTE Z87X-OC and Z87X-OC Force as the boards of choice and AMD R9 290X in 3WAY and 4WAY.

The scoreboard lit up big today with a monster score from the team down under pushing the former WR set by Steponz and dinos22 during GIGABYTE booth OC session at CES2014 by a whopping 200 points to fall just shy of the all illusive 9,000 points.

Unigine Heaven Extreme Hall of Fame: click

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