Behzad Tak from Iran sets new top score in 6xCPU UCBench2011

The battle in the 6xCPU UCBench2011 class continues as Behzad Tak from Iran sets a new top score. With a Core i7 4930K at 6058 MHz, he outscores Wizerty from France by 1.8 points, taking back the gold. Nice!


Farjam says:

2450 score and almost 150 Mhz lower cpu clock than others is very nice , well done mate

Iran HWSW says:

nice work & great performance

Germany Moose83 says:

Awesome my friend;)

Iran Mr. DB! says:

nice to see u on top dear Behzad! :)

atisoc0936 says:

only Behzad Tak

Iran MiladKherad says:

Really Great Job... Keep Going ;)

Iran OverExtreme says:

Awesome Efficiency dear Behzad:)

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