Reminder! Windows 8/8.1 and Server 2012 NOT Allowed At HWBOT! (Microsoft still without fix)

Since it seems that people are slowly forgetting the problems with Windows 8 based operating systems, we want to highlight again that submissions on Windows 8, 8.1, and Server 2012 (and any other Windows 8 based OS') are not allowed at HWBOT. The problems with the RTC are still there as Microsoft has not issued a fix yet. Therefore, the Windows 8 benchmark result veracity remains compromised. The communicated moderating guidelines still apply.

Following our recent news item regarding Futuremark’s solution for the Windows 8 RTC bug, we have updated our HWBOT moderation guidelines. They now include exceptions for Futuremark benchmarks with ORB link and System Info 4.20. The updated rules:

  • All new Windows 8 benchmark results will be blocked, including for on-going competitions
  • Existing Windows 8 based benchmark submissions will be blocked if seemingly out of line or world record or top score.
  • Existing Windows 8 based benchmark submissions will not be blocked or removed if they don't meet the requirements above
  • Existing Windows 8 based benchmark submissions will not be blocked or removed if they were made on an AMD system (New ones will be blocked)

Exceptions to the Windows 8 rule:

  • non-overclockable notebooks may be used in combination with Windows 8
  • 3DMark and PCMark runs on Windows 8 if an ORB Link is included, using SystemInfo 4.20 (or above) (official download), and the timer is not off (see verification link).

We have updated all the individual benchmark pages to include the restriction on Windows 8 based operating systems.

Note: if you wish to include a Windows 8 based benchmark result in your HWBOT account, disable points and ranks when submitting the result. This will exclude your result from interfering with any ranking or point algorithm.

Thanks for your understanding!

If you want to read more about the Windows 8 issues, you can refer to our original coverage here

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