There's Kingpin! Takes GTX 780 Ti for a Fire Stike Extreme Record Spin at 1930/1950

The records keep on falling! This time around, it's K|ngp|n himself who sets the new top score. In his curent favorite benchmark, Fire Strike Extreme, The Boss improved his own world record in the 1xGPU class. With the Kingpin edition of the GTX 780 Ti - a coop project between him and TiN - clocked at 1930/1950 MHz, K|ngp|n is now more than 500 points ahead of the #2 in the Fire Strike Extreme ranking, Phil from Greece. That is impressive to say the least.

It's quite likely there's still a bit left in the setup as the CPU was only clocked at 5 GHz for this run. Someone, please challenge this man!

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