NABE From Japan Sets New Record for 6xCPU in Cinebench R15

The new year has been very busy at the bot. Not only did we get a record-high amount of new submissions in the first week of 2014 (yes, record!), but we have also seen several new world records the past two weeks. The latest in the list of records is NABE's 6xCPU Cinebench R15 record. With a Core i7 4930K clocked at 6.1 GHz, the Japanese overclocker managed to outscore Amateurs from Iran by exactly one point. That's right, a single point! The entire global category is quite a tight race as no less than 11 overclockers are above the 1600-point mark. From the looks of it, we might see an intense battle for the top spot in the coming weeks. I'm excited!

Congratulations to NABE-san for the record!

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