Genieben's Portable Benchmarks 2D v1.2 Available For Download

Last week Genieben published the latest version of his Portable Benchmarks 2D installation suite. V1.2 comes in two flavours, Full and Lite. The Full suite includes all benchmarks on HWBOT, where Lite only includes those with points enabled. We are currently uploading the two installers to the cloud, but in the meantime you can download them via the MEGA download service. Check the forum thread for more information: click.

Change log:

  • Installer comes in 2 flavors now, FULL suite (all benchmarks) and LITE suite (only benchmarks with boints enabled).
  • Split the benchmarks in 3 categories: benchmarks with and without boints, and benchmarks that are not available on HWBOT.
  • Added new benchmarks: GPU-Z, GPU-Z ROG
  • Updated benchmarks: CPU-Z 1.68, Multi Threaded PI @ LINPACK v5.0.0, WinRAR 5.01
  • HWBOT Prime now installs the Java redis in both 32bit and 64bit (were applicable).
  • HWBOT Prime has an AutoHotkey launcher.
  • CINEBENCH R15 is installed only on 64bit OS w/o warning the user anymore if trying to install it on 32bit OS.
  • Intel XTU is disabled by default since it works on so few hardware configs.
  • Intel XTU installer is removed after it's installed.
  • Start Menu folder is now removed by uninstaller.
  • WinXP broken shortcuts (ucbench/wprime/hwbotprime) should now work.
  • Removed readme files from Cinebench 11.5/15 and FryBench.

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