4 Hours Left for Country Cup Stages 2/3/4 !

I am waaay too excited to write anything interesting or insightful, so I'll just jump straight to topic. Four hours left for the stages two to four in the Country Cup. In total 120 points to win, making these stages 25% more important than the previous three. Currently the USA is leading in two of the three stages, and Germany in the other one. Will they hold on to gold, or will Australia or Indonesia fight (sand)back in the final seconds. We're about to find out!

  • Link to the Country Cup: click

The ranking after the second round of closing stages, including only the points from those stages, was as follows (according to Der8auer's calculation):

Country Points
id Indonesia 89 pts
de Germany 85 pts
au Australia 77 pts
fr France 76 pts
bg Bulgaria 67 pts
us United States 66 pts
pl Poland 64 pts
be Belgium 55 pts
ro Romania 52 pts
ca Canada 48 pts
se Sweden 48 pts

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