Haswell 5G SuperPI 32M LCC Thread Update - Angoholic New #1, True Monkey Fastest Non-K!

SuperPI 32M is one of the most entertaining benchmarks for the hardcore overclocking addicts. Especially the low clock challenges prove to be really interesting. Taking the CPU quality almost entirely out of the equation, 'clockers are left with binning memory, optimizing OS, and finding the right subtimings. In our forums, we have a bunch of 5GHz low clock challenges, which limit the CPU frequency to 5GHz. One of those challenges is for Haswell of course.

This morning, we updated the thread and found out there are two new leaders. They are both from Germany. Overall, Angoholic set a new best time with 5 minutes and 55.047 seconds. He accomplished this with a beastly DDR3-2800 C6-10-6, and edges out Bullant from Australia by almost 300 milliseconds. In the Non-K Sku category, True Monkey set a new top score. Of course, the amount of tuning in that category is reduced to a bare minimum, as the category is skewed towards the Core i7 4770. But a top spot is a top spot, no matter the rules!

Congratulations to both. For more information, check out the thread in our forums.

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