Two Days Left for Stage 8 of Country Cup 2013 - Top 4 Within 4 Seconds!

The 2013 edition of the Country Cup kicked off exactly one month and thirteen days ago on November 1. Since then, overclockers from around the world have come together and joined forced for the glory of the country. On December 28 we know what country follows Greece on the list of Country Cup victors. In two days, the first stage of the Country Cup will close. From then, every four days more stages close.

Stage 8 is the first to close. In this stage, every country needs 7 overclockers to participate in the SuperPI 32M low-clock challenge. The seven setups each have to use a different socket. The most obvious first choices are of course the LGA1150, LGA1155, and LGA2011 platform. But then, teams need to figure out which platform will perform best with a CPU clocked at maximum 4000 MHz. At the moment of writing, the USA is leading with a combined average time of 8min 20sec 910ms. They have a 3 second lead over Germany and Romania, who are within a second! Even Indonesia, ranked 4th, is within the 4 second margin of the leading country. Very tight race to say the least!

Country Time
us United States 8min 20sec 910ms
de Germany 8min 23sec 340ms
ro Romania 8min 23sec 850ms
id Indonesia 8min 24sec 550ms
au Australia 8min 37sec 729ms

Full ranking: click.

Maybe an interesting tidbit, the best SuperPI 32M time of the stage (so far) is from the inevitable Bullant from Australia with a time of 7min 17sec 656ms. Note: he is also the current leader in our 5GHz low-clock challenge in the forum!

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