K404 On A Benching/Sandbagging Spree: 27 Setups, 100's of Gold, Silver, and Bronze Cups!

Scotsman Kenny "K404" Clapham is not an ordinary man. No, he is not even an ordinary overclocker. While most of us would drool over the latest 6.5GHz benchmark stable Haswell CPU, he rather pick up a bunch of GeForce GT 430 graphics cards to play around with. And when I write the word 'play', I actually mean 'push to its limits'. The results he gets are usually pretty darn impressive; gold, silver, and then some bronze. But usually gold, and scores that are not easily wiped of the leaderboards. Kenny recently explained his latest series of submission extravaganza in two threads :

In total, he submitted about 270 results over the course of 23 months (yes, two years!). Kenny started of dominating in the single GPU GeForce 8800 series hardware classes, but eventually moved on to SLI'ing all the cards. Also, he moved on to a new generation of hardware: Fermi. Twenty-seven setups later, he has a couple hundred silverware in the closet. Kenny now has a total of 391 hardware class records. Pretty darn impressive!

I would love to add a table with the results to this news post, but I'm afraid the table would take up the space of the entire front page. If you want to check out the results, go visit the threads linked above. You will find a bunch of before and after screenshots. Plenty enough, in fact, to look at your own pile of hardware at home and think "I should be ashamed" (ed: a joke, don't be ashamed).

In any case, congratulations Kenny! You just made me feel incredibly inadequate as an overclocker. Top, top, top overclocking!!

(PS: Kenny now also has his own MRT station in the London metro. Talk about a reputation!)

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