Exclusive interview with LN2 OC Guru Petri 'SF3D' Korhonen at Kitguru

Cool interview with SF3D about the release of his new EK-SF3D Critical Point GPU pot. Good read!

Full interview: Kitguru.net.

KG: So what was the driving force behind this inspired new design?

PK: "I have been using my own LN2 cooler designs since I started to use LN2 more frequently. After that they have evolved and first commercial product was launched in 2009. We made a cooperation deal with EKWB in the end of 2012 and first EK-SF3D products saw daylight in spring 2013. EKWB can produce very high quality products and the price is still competitive. This company is the only one who can really produce this type of devices properly".

KG: Any unusually difficult technical problems you had to overcome?

PK: "The new mounting system for CPU pot was a bit difficult to create but we did overcome those things fast. We wanted to avoid basic errors there have been in previous products and we can offer for example highest pressure over CPU to LN2 cooler contact and always 100% similar and accurate contact".

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