Catzilla With EVGA Branding Now Available For Download

From the looks of it, the team over at Catzilla is starting to put the pieces of their benchmark puzzle together. Not only did we see the final v1.0 (and later v1.1) released recently, they have been working hard on implementing support for HWBOT submissions. Just today we found this other news item over at the Evga site. Apparently Catzilla and Evga worked out a deal for a special Evga-branded version of the benchmark. As far as I can see - I have only reached the downloading phase - the benchmark is identical, but just shows the Evga logo in some scenes. A bit like the MSI cooperation with 3DMark, I guess, but the logo is only shown in the special Evga version. So you can still download the regular version without branding.

The scoring algorithm has not been affected obviously. By the way, if you would like to see Catzilla get points here at HWBOT, feel free to cast your vote in our latest poll!

Check it out here, click.

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