Shamino Leaves ASUS, Follows AndreYang In Retirement

According to, Peter "Shamino" Tan has left the ASUS ROG team last Friday. The news that the overclocking legend would leave the company was previously confirmed via Facebook status updates, but that he would leave so quickly comes as a surprise. Surely, Shamino is the one person who does not need an introduction. A legend, an innovator, and above all a man who shares.

Shamino's career in overclocking started at VR-Zone, where he was the in-house overclocker. He earned his stripes in overclocking by competing with K|ngp|n, Hipro5, Kinc, and so many others back in the olden days. This was before HWBOT even existed. After VR-Zone, Shamino started working at Foxconn. He was the mind behind the Foxconn X48 BlackOps motherboard. Then he moved to EVGA, building the incredible X58 Classified. He and his P55 Classified are the reason why we can run Clarkdale CPUs below -80°C, in case you don't know. After EVGA, Shamino joined the ASUS ROG forces, and worked on the Rampage III/IV and Maximus V/VI series. He stood for innovation; doing things that no one else thought of. Want to control your OC settings on the fly? Use OC Panel. Want to overclock your VGA? Use VGA Hotplug. Oh you don't have a thermometer at hand? No problem - it's on the motherboard!

His influence reached further than just innovating products. Wherever Shamino goes, overclockers go. Two years ago we identified this phenomenon as the Shamino-effect. After AndreYang, Shamino is the second in-house overclocker leaving the ROG team in a couple months’ time. The two leave giant footprints at the company, and the question is who will want to follow in their footsteps. In any case, we wish Shamino the best in his life after overclocking!

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