Vivi Pushes Z87X-OC To 204.5 MHz BCLK During GIGABYTE 'Feel the Force' Z87 OC Contest

During the month of November, GIGABYTE is hosting the 'Feel the Force' Z87 OC Contest. The set up of the competition is quite simple: push the CPU frequency, push the reference clock frequency, and push the memory frequency. The person who manages the best overall overclocking results wins a nice hardware set consisting of a GIGABYTE motherboard, a Corsair SSD, and a Corsair case.

At the moment, the most impressive score comes from South Africa. Vivi managed to push the reference clock of his Z87X-OC / 4770K combo to an interesting 204.5 MHz. This is the highest for a Z87 motherboard so far, according to our database! The other current top scores are 7000 MHz CPU Frequency by Scheele from China, and 1855.5 MHz Memory Frequency by Dinos22 from Australia (who is obviously not competing for prizes).

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