Three Days Left in Cinebench R15 Launch Challenge - L0ud_sil3nc3 Current Leader

To celebrate the new version of Cinebench, we are hosting a special Cinebench R15 Launch Challenge. The competition is split up into various categories, so everyone has the chance to test out this new release.

With three days left on the clock, L0ud_sil3nc3 from the USA is leading the pack with 51 points. This is one point more than R3D from South-Africa, and three more than True Monkey from Germany. With over 150 overclockers participating in this challenge, it seems it's not just us who like the Cinebench series. The next question on our plate is obviously "To HWBoint or not to HWBoint?" - what do you say?

You can participate in the Cinebench R15 Launch Challenge until October 31, 12PM GMT+0. You can find the competition page here.

About The Competition

For a long time, everyone had settled on the idea that CINEBENCH R11.5 would be the last version of the benchmark. Just two days ago, however, MAXON has released a new version of CINEBENCH to download and use! To celebrate the release of the new version, we have added the benchmark to our ever-growing list of benchmarks. In addition, we are running a Cinebench R15 Launch Challenge during October.

The stages are set up by core count. In total there are five stages, going from dual core to octo core and one unlimited category. You may submit you Cinebench R15 result via our competition page, taking into account the Cinebench R15 benchmark rules.

Have fun!

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