Wizerty Nails Cinebench R11.5 6xCPU Record With 6304 MHz Core i7 4930K

The first batch of Ivy Bridge-E overclocking results were a little bit disappointing, as few reached 6GHz stable with all cores and threads enabled. Lately, things are going in the right direction. A couple of days ago we saw Nkdfactory from Japan set a new Cinebench R11.5 record at 6.15GHz. Now W1zerty from France drops another huge score: 6.3GHz stable!

The score of 19.01pts is great - it is a record - but considering only single channel memory was used we can be sure the record will be broken in the near future again. Who knows, we might see the 20 point barrier broken very soon!


France dx4picco says:

well done Wiz!!!

Belgium leeghoofd says:

France on top ! La moule !

Eeky NoX says:

Belgium behind ! La frite !! Yeah! We're so proud Alby ;) Gratz Wizerty!!!

France _0CooL_ says:

wonderfull score wizz, koc ftw ;)

Indonesia Eki Indradi says:

congratulations :v

FlanK3r says:

wow, crazy awesome score!

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