Intel 14nm Broadwell Overclocking K-sku Coming End of 2014

Enthusiasts like you and I are always looking forward to the next generation processors. For Intel, the next generation is the 14nm Broadwell ("BDW") CPU architecture. The 14nm parts have been on the roadmap for a while, and are rumored to see its launch in 2014. At IDF'13 in San Francisco last month, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich stated the 14nm architecture would be shipping by the end of this year. In this case, shipping is not to retail channels, but to OEM and ODM partners. As the moment of writing, our industry partners indicated not to have 14nm parts for testing yet.

In a roadmap slide leaked by VR-Zone yesterday, we can find something interesting for overclockers. The Broadwell architecture will definitely have a K-sku, and that sku is launching at the end of next year together with the 9-series chipsets. Around that same time, we should also see the next generation of high-end desktop parts in the form of Haswell-E (and DDR4).

Exciting times ahead!

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