GIGABYTE "Pi is Returned" competition brings out insane records out of HWBOT community

It certainly was an incredibly epic competition. Great overclocking from all participants!

What an incredible weekend of overclocking we just had. If there ever was a need for some professional shoutcasting that can run over the weekend, this was the right time as this competition had more twists and turns than a hundred German pretzels! For those of you unaware of the competition let me first introduce it for you.

HWBOT hosted the competition based on AMD A & FX series platforms with up to $5000 cash prizes from GIGABYE & AMD. The main benchmark was a system benchmark, SuperPi, which calculates Pi to 1 million and 32 million digits. I’ve just grabbed all the math nerd attentions in one sentence right?!? Smile with tongue out Overclocking is very number/stat intensive. The benchmark has been around for a long time and is an interesting and reasonable reliable way to tell the performance of platforms apart. There is an element of tweaking involved which requires platform/system tuning and some OS tuning. It needs liquid nitrogen not only on CPU but also memory as it directly affects efficiency (how fast you can complete calculation with same system parameters).

The stages had SuperPi 1M & 32M on both platforms with $500 top prize with a bonus $500 if the overclocker takes the platform world record. Did world records get taken, oh yes. Are all bonus cash prizes reached including bonus rounds, YES. It gets crazier, on some categories even 10th spot could have won the extra $500 cash prize as world records kept tumbling from day 1 literally!

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