I.nfraR.ed (Bulgaria) Sets Fastest AMD SuperPI 1M Score Ever During GIGABYTE "Pi Is Returned" Contest

During the GIGABYTE "Pi is Returned" OC contest, an overclocking competition for AMD overclockers and SuperPI fanatics, the all-time AMD SuperPI 1M record has been broken by legendary AMD overclocker I.nfraR.ed from Bulgaria. With a score of 9sec 547ms, using the FX-8350 at clocked at 7907 MHz, he outscores the previous best by a mere 31ms. It is the first time that an architecture newer than K10 (Deneb/Thuban) is able to surpass the older architecture in the SuperPI x87 application. I.nfraR.ed used The Stilt's Bulldozer Conditionar patch to finally take down K10. Well done!

More info:

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  • GIGABYTE "Pi Is Returned" Contest: click

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