XTU Hotfix Available, Fixes RTC Bug - Mandatory For New Submissions

In a hotfix patch released this weekend, Intel has fixed the known downlock issue with XTU. With this issue fixed, XTU can now be used in combination with Windows 8. Given the critical issues resolved with this hotfix, version v4.2.0.8 is now mandatory for future submissions. We apoligise for moving so quickly to the current version.

Changelog [Hotfix] – 09/04/2013

  • Changes

    • Update to benchmark to handle reference clock changes and maintain even scoring. This change should allow the benchmark the system correctly on all Windows operating system versions. [Release] – 08/13/2013

  • Features

    • AppTune beta feature added to allow automatic system tuning given a profile paired to an application or process running in the foreground.

  • Changes

    • All systems now support benchmarking and profile up load to HWBOT.org.
    • Update to driver certification and ingredient drivers for supporting Microsoft Windows® 8.1.

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