Elmor Labs's EVC Demo by YoungPro - Dedicated Forum Now Public!

In a thread on the dedicated forum section for Elmor's eVc, Pro demonstrates the nifty little tool. As he writes,

"Elmor has created a seriously handy little I2C controller he has named eVc. eVc connects via USB to a control computer and the eVc software allows control over nearly any graphics card that supports I2C. The controller works by interfacing with the PWM controller and allows adjustments such as voltages, current limits, load line and power states. This tool opens up lots of possibilities such as adjusting voltages on the fly. We have recorded a short demonstration on how eVc works and then taken an AMD 7790 subzero to see how eVc can open up clock frequencies when the GPU is subzero. AMD 7790 @ 1600 MHz, not bad!"

The Elmor voltage control ("eVc") consists of two parts. The first is a hardware device which allows a computer to send I2C and Smbus commands to the graphics card via the USB interface. The second part is a Windows .NET 3.5 application that allows the user to control the voltage and other settings of the graphics card with the help of the previous mentioned hardware. In simple terms this combo will allow you full software control of various voltages and other settings of your graphics card. Currently the following hardware is supported:

  • MSI Geforce N680GTX Lightning
  • MSI Geforce N770GTX Lightning
  • MSI Geforce N780GTX Lightning
  • MSI R7870 Hawk
  • Generic HD7790 with NCP/PCP81022 VRM controller

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