Splave Shows 16GB DDR3-3000 C9-12-12 Hynix MFR SuperPI 32M Stable

We all know the two main problems with the 8GB Hynix MFR memory kits. Firstly, the sticks are single sided, and secondly the timings are too slack. Combining these two, and you end up with a high frequency but low performance kit. For a while most of us hoped dual sided Hynix MFR in the form of 2x 8GB kits would bring better performance, but higher density usually features lower clock frequencies.

On Facebook, Splave has shown an interesting GSKILL kit. As he claims (no reason to doubt), 2x 8GB Hynix MFR kit running at DDR3-3000 C9-12-12 timings. This is a very interesting combination of frequency and timings. More to come soon, we believe!

(click on image for full screenshot)>

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