HWBOT Tech Talk with Intel's Michael Moen About Intel's Performance Team, Overclocking, and XTU.

In collaboration with Overclocking-TV, HWBOT's Pieter "Massman" Plaisier got behind the mic (pun not intended) for an interview about overclocking and desktop enthusiasts with Intel's Mike Moen. In the interview, Mike and Pieter talk about Intel's involvement in overclocking, the internal process of preparing products for overclockers, and of course the co-op project of the Intel Xtreme Tuning Utility. Here's a rundown of the topics:

  • What is the Intel Performance/Overclocking Group and how can it impact CPU product developement?
  • To what extend is overclocking capabilities of importance within Intel?
  • A few words back on the overclocking limitation of Sandy-Bridge and Ivy-Bridge.
  • How does Intel adapt the new Haswell Architecture (4th Core Generation) to be more interesting for overclocking.
  • How close does Intel cooperate with ODMs (eg: ASRock, GIGABYTE, MSI) in fine-tuning the overclocking experience?
  • The XTU (Xtreme Tuning utility) software and why Intel is pushing that along with HWBOT integration.



Belgium Massman says:

Recorded on the second day of Computex 2013

United Kingdom borandi says:

Shame he didn't say anything about delidding and thermal goop vs. a proper solution and who made that decision / what was their opinion on it.

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