Just One Of Those Days - Der8auer Clears Core i7 3770K XTU/Prime95 at 6600 MHz

In the beginning of June, we launched the Intel XTU project together with Intel. With a benchmark functionality built-in the the XTU overclocking software, you can now easily publish your overclocking results on HWBOT and include the settings you've used. The benchmark is incredibly popular. With close to 1,000 submissions last week only, it is the most prominent benchmark at HWBOT. For those who don't know, the XTU benchmark is based on the popular stress-test tool Prime95.

Last weekend, Der8auer from Germany took his strongest Core i7 3770K for a spin and managed to run XTU stable at 6.6GHz. Yup, that's right ... 6600 MHz of Prime95-based XTU stability. Madness!

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