Updated Moderation Guidelines Concerning Windows 8

Following up on the recent developments on the topic of Windows 8 RTC, read the updated news item here, Head of Moderating Christian Ney has updated the moderation rules regarding the usage of Windows8. Here is a list of the updated rules:

  • 1) All new Windows 8 Benchmark Results will be blocked, including for on-going competitions
  • 2) Existing Windows 8 based benchmark submissions will be blocked if

    • seemingly out of line
    • world record, or top score

  • 3) Existing Windows 8 based benchmark submissions will not be blocked or removed if they don't meet the requirements above

Note: if you recall downclocking when using an Intel based Windows 8 system, please remove the result.

Exceptions to the Windows 8 rule:

  • 1) AMD-based systems may be used in combination with Windows 8
  • 2) we are still debating on how to address non-overclockable notebooks

We also received a couple of emails debating the topic of which is to blame, Windows 8 or Intel CPUs. Based on the information we gathered from clock drift problem on various operating systems and hardware platforms, we are still of the opinion that Windows 8 is the root cause of the problem. Windows 8 seems to be using a different source to fetch "real time" on an Intel based system compared to an AMD based system. It's still guess why and which at the moment, but it seems to be related to the power saving features integrated in Windows 8. With Windows 7 unaffected, and Windows 8 affected on all Intel platforms (including old generations), the root of the problem lies with Windows 8. Having the Intel system unaffected when coming from and AMD Windows 8 installation indicates that the correct timers are available on Intel too, but unused by Windows 8.

Thank you for your understanding.

The HWBOT Staff.

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