Freeocen Wins GIGABYTE Extreme Overclocking Competition 2013 at Heilbronn

Nice report by Leeghoofd from Madshrimps. Der8auer always throws awesome overclocking parties! Also congratulations to Freeocen for the win!

More info:

August 16th, location Heilbronn Germany, the venue to host the German Gigabyte Extreme Overclocking Competition at the Cube Box. Main organiser Roman Hartung aka Der8auer got Gigabyte, Kingston Memory, Gelid and LEPA onboard, to host the clash between Germany's finest overclocking teams. The present teams were Awardfabrik, Freeocen, Hardwareluxx, PC Games Hardware, Team Hardware Reaktor Reloaded and special guests Team Ocaholic. Last year Madshrimps's Team captain Massman was present as judge, this year Leeghoofd replaced his royal OC holyness Pieter-Jan Plaisier. Time to jump in the car and head over to Heilbronn ...

Team FREEOCEN nailed it, with almost the smallest difference possible of a mere 3 points, congratz lads well done ! Scoring two top scores in the AM3 and Pifast competiton, plus other top 3 scores allowed them to grab the victory in the Gigabyte EOC 2013 competition.

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