Pro OC Cup Q3'13 Elimination Coming Up - United Overclockers Safe, The Overclocking Knights In Trouble!

We are only eight hours away from the elimination round in the Pro OC Cup Q3'13, and it looks like some teams might be in trouble. In the past 48 hours we saw nine new results pop up, and there is an interesting battle going on for fourth place between Kronos Pro OC, United Overclockers and NP2Korea Pro OC. Only the best ten teams will continue after the elimination round. The Pro OC Cup Q3'13 ends on August 31st.

Here's a snapshot of the current ranking, next to the ranking on August 7. United Overclockers seem to have secured their position for the elimination round. The Overclocking Knights still have some work to do.

August 7 - August 15

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