New X02 Bios For GIGABYTE Z87X-OC Released

Disclaimer: this is an extreme overclocking BIOS. Use this BIOS on your own risk. Only for advanced power users.

New Gigabyte Z87X-OC board bios. Some nifty features added! One is memory boot mode which essentially is a setting to disable memory training once you have your golden settings so when you are benching and you don’t want the bios giving you a hard time you just disable memory training once you have the settings you want to bench with.

Second fix is for some Nvidia GPUs that could not work properly with the board.

They are also working with bios team to add some additional memory training settings which enable some specific modules to OC properly with LN2. Should have that soon also. Any feedback is welcome, either to verify current changes or just general feedback please.

This is the BIOS X02 updated for:

  • Add memory boot mode
  • XMP with Gen 3 issue
  • Enhance UI resolution. HD UI mode can be shown on non-HD monitor too.

Download GIGABYTE Z87X-OC X02 BIOS. Find more BIOSes in our Z87 BIOS forum thread (link).

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