Double Ninjalane Podcast - MOA 2013 Semi Finals, De-lidding the Haswell, and Overclocking Talk With a Paintballer

Dennis and Darren from Ninjalane are without any doubt our favorite OC Podcast hosts. In a double feature, D&D first talk about the MSI MOA 2013 Semi Finals. They cover the forum topic started by Vivi and the following responses from the community. Then, Dennis talks about the process of de-lidding a Haswell processor. In the extra feature, Dennis and Darren have a chat with their guest Warren about overclocking. Warren is not very familiar with the overclocking scene, which results in an interesting talk about the passion that connects us all.

Highly recommended!

Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren Mccain

Time: 34:14 + 21:40

Listen NOW (Podcast #31)

Listen NOW (Extra Feature "Overclocking Talk With a Paintballer")

Show Notes

Master Overclocking Arena Semi Finals

The MOA qualification process is divided up into two parts. The first part was open to the public with the winner of that event going directly to the finals. The following 15 competitors all got the opportunity to move on to the private semi final round. Dennis made it into the semi finals and is now battling for one of three remaining spots. In this segment Dennis and Darren randomly talk about the MOA 2013 Semi Finals including strategy and some of the gotchas along the way. The duo also brings up the forum mentality behind some of the recent rules clarifications that came about for the Semi Final round.

De-lidding the Haswell 4770K

One of the side effects related to Intel's charge to change the CPU market is the inclusion of system (motherboard) functions into the CPU. One of the latest of these is a new Voltage Regulator which, among other things, added wattage to the TDP and also negatively impacted overclocking by making the processor heat bound. One of the things that helped Ivy Bridge battle excess "under-lid" heat was to remove the heat spreader and replace the thermal paste. In this Episode Dennis talks about the process of de-lidding the Haswell processor, what it takes and what to expect.

Extra Feature: Show Notes

Dennis and Darren talk quite often about overclocking and sometimes forget that not everyone knows about overclocking, what it is, and how to do it. In a way overclocking is a lost art and we can thank technological advances in processors and video cards for that. Despite a reduced need for overclocking the average gamer can tweak and tune their systems for better performance either to make their games smoother or so they can turn up the details.

In this episode Dennis interviews one of Darren's paintball buddies about his computer skill and asks the important question, Do you overclock?

His answer might surprise you.

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