MSI MOA Qualifiers Finished - Double Representation for Australia, Brazil and Ukraine!

After three months of intense overclocking competition in two qualification rounds, we now know the 15 overclockers that will proceed to the MSI MOA Grand Final. The exact date for the grand final is yet to be determined, but is going to take place in October in Taipei, Taiwan. From the first qualification round, we have four overclockers proceeding to the final. From the second qualification round, an additional eleven receive a ticket to the grand final. For more information, check out the MSI MOA competition pages.

In the final, we will see double representation for Australia, Brazil and Ukraine. The other countries with a finalist include Canada, Denmark, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Poland, Russia, South Africa and United States. Quite the international crowd I must say, and great so see a couple new faces in the grand final! The list of winners, per country:

Australia JJJC #2 "Class A" APAC Semi-Final
Australia SniperOZ #1 "Class A" APAC Qualifier
Brazil gnidaol #2 "Class A" Americas Semi-Final
Brazil Rbuass #1 "Class A" Americas Qualifier
Canada FtW #3 "Class A" Americas Semi-Final
Denmark zzolio #2 "Class B" Worldwide Semi-Final
Indonesia Lucky_n00b #3 "Class A" APAC Semi-Final
Italy giorgioprimo #3 "Class A" EMEA Semi-Final
Japan Gyrock #1 "Class A" APAC Semi-Final
Poland Xtreme Addict #2 "Class A" EMEA Qualifier
Russian Federation Smoke #2 "Class A" EMEA Semi-Final
South Africa Vivi #1 "Class A" EMEA Semi-Final
Ukraine Cyclone #1 "Class A" EMEA Qualifier
Ukraine T0lsty #1 "Class B" Worldwide Semi-Final
United States Mikecdm #1 "Class A" Americas Semi-Final

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