League Points Fix Deployed - League Tables Shake Up

After a long and painful process of analysing the user feedback report and locating the associated bugs in the code, yesterday we upgrade the HWBoints algorithm to fix the league points and rankings. To make a long story short, after switching to the new database model the league points were not correct. The points of the individual submissions were correct, and the engine managed to identify your top-15/20 scores correctly. However, when a score of the top-15/20 was deleted or improved, the engine had difficulties excluding the submission from that list and finding the next best one. As a result, the list of top-15/20 submissions actually contained more than respectively 15 and 20 submissions. Therefore, some users had too much league points.

With the fix we deployed yesterday, this should be resolved. Since most of the users were affected by this, the league tables are pretty shaken up. We apologise for the inconvenience during this period and understand that a solid point mechanism is very important to enjoy the overclocking competition.

More information in the HWBOT forum.

Wish you a nice day!

The HWBOT Staff

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