Core i7 Ivy Bridge-E Pricing Surfaces - 4820K cheaper than 4770K?!

According to VR-Zone (source) and TechpowerUp (English translation), the pricing rates for the upcoming Ivy Bridge-E Core i7 are now known. Of course, the most high-end model (Core i7 4960X) will come at a price point of USD $990. The for extreme overclockers more interesting Core i7 4930K, featuring six cores and just slightly less cache, comes at USD $555. This is about USD $50 lower than the 3930K at launch. Just like the 3930K was a fine alternative for the 3960X in terms of overclocking capability and performance, the 4930K seems to be the right choice for people who are sorting through a couple of chips to find the best sample.

The most interesting price point is the one for the Core i7 4820K quad-core CPU. Unlike the Sandy Bridge-E quad core counter-part, the 4820K will be fully unlocked. Essentially, it is the 4770K but for the high-end desktop platform X79. Turns out that the 4820K comes at rate of a whooping USD $310, which is about USD $40 less than a Core i7 4770K. Given the relatively small price difference between high-end Z87 and high-end X79 platform, the Ivy Bridge-E counterpart might be more interesting for people who are not willing to spend USD $500+ on a CPU. After all, Ivy Bridge-E features the same core like the Ivy Bridge processors (read: no coldbug), and combines that with quad channel memory bandwidth.



Belgium Massman says:

Had an interesting discussion about the IVB-E with a fellow overclocker the other day. I wonder how sales of 4820K vs 4770K will go.

United Kingdom borandi says:

Intel makes their costs back on the chipset; and I wonder if at that price it includes the cooler. In the end the IVB-E platform will be more expensive for the casual end user, and memory bandwidth on the CPU side doesn't make that much difference in day-to-day running. You can't pick up an $80 X79 motherboard unless you root around the second hand market, for example. Sure overclockers might enjoy the platform, but even at that price difference the 4770K most likely comes out on top, power usage and all, for a 24/7 system. But system integrators might charge through the roof for the 4820K...

Denmark zzolio says:

I think there are many who want to buy 3820K mostly because of temp IHS is soldered on

United Kingdom ObscureParadox says:

Isn't the 4820K effectively a 3770K not a 4770K?

Belgium leeghoofd says:

zzolio said: I think there are many who want to buy 3820K mostly because of temp IHS is soldered on

It's not a K Martin... we have to use the gear ratios to get it going... Looking forward to the 4820K Intel sample :)

United States Bobnova says:

I think there are many who buy a 3820 because they don't realize it's the same core as SB, but with a higher heatload. All SB is soldered, just like SB-E. There's no reason to get a 3820 at all IMO. The 4820 is IB like ObscureParadox said, it's a 3770 in a new box with more memory channels. Yay?

United States hokiealumnus says:

Bobnova said:
The 4820 is IB like ObscureParadox said, it's a 3770 in a new box with more memory channels. Yay?

To be fair, it also has 40 lanes of PCIe 3.0 connectivity, which isn't something Haswell can claim. So multi-GPU will receive a (small) boost over Haswell. Depending on the board/CPU combo, it could be on relatively equal footing compared to a high-end Haswell board.

Not saying it is or isn't the path I could choose, but it's one that may not be unreasonable, depending on planned usage.

United States Bobnova says:

Are there any numbers on performance gain going from 8x/8x PCIe 3.0 to 16x/16x PCIe 3.0? I haven't seen any yet, but I haven't looked very hard either.

United States hokiealumnus says:

Not that I can think off off-hand. Were I to guess, the difference would be very small. But we go for the small differences. :)

Belgium Massman says:

I don't think IVB-E is beating HSW in 3D benchmarks - GPU score should be higher on HSW clock per clock. I'm not even sure if IVB-E is faster clock-per-clock for multi-GPU. But 3/4-Way is CPU MHz limited right now, so IVB-E will be the obvious choice for that.

Netherlands rsnubje says:

I'm very curious about how well the 6-cores will overclock on LN2. If they're soldered as it was stated earlier it should become interesting.

GENiEBEN says:

They got the turbo ratios wrong. GG VR-ZONE.

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